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Sutherland Global Serices Published: February 12, 2018
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Technical Support – Overview

Description:  Customers have a fiber optic cable directly into the home that delivers High Speed Internet, High Definition Television, and Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone.  Consultants are Tier 1 technical support, troubleshooting any and all of these devices.  They are the first point of contact for customers who have questions about their devices.

Ideal Candidate:  We look for candidates that will try to troubleshoot their own computers/entertainment devices at home instead of calling technical support; have a strong customer focus as you will deal with irate customers; have excellent communication skills and can communicate step-by-step processes with patience and understanding.  Also requires candidates who are comfortable multi-tasking; as you’ll have to navigate through multiple computer tools and input notes while maintaining engagement with the customer over the phone.

Hours of availability:  Programs asks for 24/7 availability.  Employees always receive two consecutive days off per week, so they always have a “weekend”; it is just not always on Saturday/Sunday.

Training hours:  4 weeks of full-time, paid training.  There will be 2 weeks in class where you learn the products and services; as well as the systems and tools you would be using.  Then there are 2 weeks of nesting; which is essentially job shadowing.  So you receive lots of exposure to the actual position itself before you ever have to take your first call.  Currently the training schedule is Monday to Friday.

Works a 9 hour workday – you are paid for 8.5 hours and receive a half hour unpaid lunch.

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